Nigeria: Rescue operation

Mass rescue in Woji Road, GRA, Port Harcourt, 23.11.

Following the sudden collapse of a locally constructed 7-storey building, efforts are continuing to find survivors beneath the rubble. Fourteen people have already been brought out alive, with one person confirmed dead. Every minute counts and the rescue operation is proving complex due to the building’s metal structure. All the rubble needs to be carefully removed in order to reach those trapped.

Expert teams from Bouygues Construction Nigeria are on site with special equipment to assist the official rescue services.

The rescue operation will continue until the last of the victims of this disaster can be reached and the site has been made completely safe.

Facts & figures

Social cohesion & solidarity

  • 22 voluntary employees
    1,680 hours of volunteering
    5 construction engines lent by Bouygues Construction Nigeria

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