Myanmar: Sewing a proud life

So that’s it, I’ve finished my sewing training. It’s strange. I had got used to it!

But I was a little unsure to begin with, when BYMA first offered wives the training course at my husband’s work. That was a few months ago. Why not sit in front of a sewing machine? But, on the other hand, why? At the same time, learning a new skill at my age was quite appealing. The time was right. The free two-month course is organised by the company. There’s plenty of time to get to know the other women on the course, who are all site workers’ wives, like me. I’ve made friends. This is a proper training programme run by a genuine sewing expert. The training centre is pleasant, with five brand new sewing machines, pink chairs… everything you need to feel comfortable.

When you talk about sewing you don’t realise all the skills you need: preparation, creativity, concentration, planning, precision, patience. So many qualities are required! What’s great is that you soon get better at it.

At the start, you’re all fingers and thumbs, you prick yourself, you get cross. But when you see that everyone else is in the same boat, you don’t feel so bad. Sometimes, we laugh about things, but as the sessions go on we grow in confidence. We start by mending clothes, before learning how to make new ones. Then, there’s no stopping us! I didn’t know sewing allowed you to do all that. Obviously you can save money, but that’s not all.

I’d love to have my own sewing machine at home. Mending other people’s clothes, designing and creating new garments… it would give us another source of income, and who knows, a new occupation for me? I never imagined something as simple as a sewing machine could transform my life!

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