Turkmenistan: Bag it green

When these fabric tote bags were launched, we never imagined how popular they would be across Bouygues Turkmen company. Today, everyone wants one, people swap them. They are always on the lookout for the latest model… and all for a good cause! What wouldn’t you give to be seen out and about with one? They are colourful and decorated with eco-friendly messages… Forget plastic! Hug a tree!
Armed with their fabric bags, employees can enjoy plastic-free shopping using bags made by disabled workers, people under court protection or those experiencing hardship. The great thing is that they are made in classrooms renovated by Bouygues Turkmen volunteers. In short, everyone’s a winner: from fashion victims… to the planet!

Facts & figures

Social cohesion & solidarity

  • 150 hours of volunteering
    4 renovated classrooms
    1,000 eco bags distributed
    Financial sponsorship
  • Recipient

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