Thaïland: Kids at play

“I had a great day!” enthuses Ratana to her mother, dropping her bag at the front door as she comes in. She’s just got home from school.
May loves this moment, when her daughter gets back from a long day in the classroom. She looks at her, brimming with pride. Ratana means “precious stone” and she is well named, with her pearly smile and sparkling eyes. May has rarely seen her so happy at the end of a long day of lessons.
– Ratana, you seem to be in high spirits…
– I am! Ratana is beaming from ear to ear. She goes on: It was great today.
– Really? How come?
– We got to play in the new playground for the first time!
May had heard about the renovation project led by Bouygues Thai at her daughter’s school in Wat Phasuk, aimed at giving pupils a better environment to play in.
– So what’s so great about this new playground then?
– There’s loads of brightly coloured equipment, so we can have fun and do sports! There’s even a climbing wall with old tyres that have been painted. It’s such fun! We can really unwind after tests.
– That’s great! And how did you get on in your grammar test then?
– Oh mum, you’re no fun, all you think about is marks… But yes, I got on fine. Don’t worry!
Ratana looks at her mother mischievously.
– And do you know what the teachers said? That playing is good for the brain too, you learn better…
May can’t argue with that. Ratana always has the last word.

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