There was a firm named BYMA
A team of people whose work
Is to build
Who want to be useful
It decided to construct
Using bricks and concrete
With the nuns and the
Children of the Mekong
A fine, solid school

Able to withstand rain and time
A school with two storeys
One for naps and the
Other for classes
For sixty children
Both big and small
A nice kitchen and bathrooms
A place where they can feel safe
Where they can learn to read
To write and to live

Once upon a time in Dala
A dream became a reality.

Facts & figures

Education & employability

  • Reconstruction of a school on 125 m2 and financial sponsorship
  • 75 children (3 to 13 years old)
  • Recipient
    Dala Nursery School
  • Partners
    Children of the Mekong
    Terre Plurielle (Bouygues Construction’s corporate foundation)
    Good Shepherd Sisters Myanmar

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