My name’s Manon and I’m 28 years old. I joined Bouygues Construction 5 years ago after finishing my studies in urban planning. The following year I moved to a subsidiary of Bouygues Bâtiment International. I chose my study course and this company because I like the idea of building a better city and also the idea that I personally can make a concrete contribution to that.

I’m a development and construction professional but I’m also a citizen keen to protect the future of our planet, and, as far as I’m concerned, you cannot separate the two. My dayto- day work involves striving to build a world that reflects my convictions, reducing the environmental impact of our activities and promoting social inclusion. It isn’t always easy but we have no choice: if we don’t act now, my generation will be the one that has to face social unrest and global warming, along with the resulting natural disasters, migration crises and human divisions.

I have the impression that the issues of sense and responsibility lie at the heart of the aspirations of people of my generation. And I hope that all employers around the world are taking this on board because it is a major criterion in terms of attractiveness! In my eyes, companies in the 21st century have a duty to be benevolent and I don’t think I could work for an organisation that doesn’t share this point of view.

At Bouygues Bâtiment International, I have the opportunity to do 2 days of voluntary work per year. I support an association that helps children from deprived backgrounds go on holiday. I’m very proud of the work we do, it’s my contribution. These Belles Histoires, which I’m discovering with you, offer an insight into our collective contributions around the world. Each contribution is different, shaped by the circumstances found on the ground. But each one is deeply rooted in the values we share: empathy and solidarity.

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